Virtual Meetings

Google Meet

Google Meet will allow you to hold online video meetings and live lessons with staff and students. Google Meet should be used with students to satisfy distance learning needs - for full class and small groups. Instruction may be recorded to provide access for students and families later; students should be informed recording is beginning and given the opportunity to turn off their video if they prefer.

All students (K-12) have been provided access to Meet to assist with online learning.

Visit the Google Help Support for Google Meet to for up to date resources and help with Google Meet.

Best Practice for Google Meet Virtual Lessons

  1. Always use the Google Meet link generated by Google Classroom*

* For K-4 teachers using Seesaw, Google Meet links should be generated through to ensure host controls are provided.

  1. Turn off Quick Access and let in students when they ask to join

Always greet your students at the door, and don't let anyone into your class that you don't recognize.

  1. Be the last one to leave your meeting

Never leave your classroom until all your students have left.

New Google Meet Features