Google Apps

Google Takeout - Take your Google Apps data with you

If you are leaving LG this year or anytime you need anything from your google account (Bookmarks, Drive files, Mail, etc) please either Download those items manually or use the Google Takeout app. Google Takeout has 2 options, Option 2 will be the easiest.

Option 1 is, this can be used to download your files from your Email and Google Drive. You can download it at home or save it to a flash drive to take home. You CANNOT simply share your google drive files with another google account that you have. If you do, your Lone Grove account will still be the owner of those files and when that Lone Grove account is disabled all of those files will be removed from any accounts that you shared them with. This also means that for those of you that regularly use files that were Shared with you, it's very important that you use those correctly, you need to be making a Copy of those Shared files (Open a file and "Make a Copy" is located under "File" otherwise you could lose those if the owner deletes the file or their account is removed). With this option, it gives you the choice to download all kinds of things from your Google account but the only thing that will really be useful with this option is your Google Drive files, most of those can be opened with Microsoft Office if you have it. All of the other downloads are pretty much worthless without a lot of work.  Most of the things on the Google Takeout list are of no use to us so it will be easiest to Deselect All and only check what you really need to download.

Option 2, if you have another google account and would like to transfer all of your email, Drive files, bookmarks, etc to that account you can do so easily with this option.