Just a reminder that while Lone Grove School District is conducting Virtual Learning, school lunches may be picked up Grab & Go Style from 10:30 am- 12:00 pm each day. If your child is in need of lunch delivery, please contact your child’s main office for assistance in making arrangements.

Primary- 580-657-4367

Intermediate- 580-657-3270

Middle School- 580-657-3132

High School- 580-657-3133

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Parent Letter 1/4/2021

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School Numbers

Primary Elem. 580-657-4367

Intermediate 580-657-3270

Middle School 580-657-3132

High School 580-657-3133


School Fax Numbers

Administration 580-768-7301

Athletic Dir 580-768-7306

Cafeteria Dir 580-768-7307

Primary Elem. 580-768-7302

Intermediate 580-768--7303

Middle School 580-768-7304

High School 580-768-7305

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16841 US Hwy 70

Lone Grove, OK 73443


fax 580-768-7301