Shared Google Groups

posted Sep 17, 2014, 12:13 PM by Jason Baxter
Just a reminder that if you have setup a shared Group within Google Apps that is accessible to everyone then it's your responsibility as the owner to keep that group updated. For example if you create a group that includes all 6th grade teachers then you need to make sure you update that yearly or new teachers will not be receiving emails sent to that group. When you get a chance, look under Groups to see if you have created any groups, and if they are no longer needed go ahead and delete those so they do not cause any confusion for others. To edit or delete a group, click on the Groups App and choose My Groups. Then click "Manage" under a group. From here you can add/remove people from the group or under Information>Advanced you have the option to Delete the group completely. Don't worry you only have options to edit/delete groups that you have created. This only goes for Groups created in the Groups App, not those within your personal contact list.

Also as a reminder we keep a few groups updated for everyone's use.
district_wide@lon........   - All Lone Grove Staff
hs@lon.........  -  All HS Staff
ms@lon........  -  All MS Staff
is@lon..........  -  All Intermediate Staff
ps@lon.........  -  All Primary Staff